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Open Box, Refurbished, Used 3D Scanner for Sale

Go3DPro certified refurbished products are due to open box, store demo displays, or customer returns. We only sell the best used 3D scanners and professional equipment available--Most of it with limited hours of use.

All certified refurbished products have been reconditioned by technicians and gone through numerous tests to ensure it is in working order. It comes with a 180-Day standard manufactory warranty, direct phone, and e-mail support.

  1. (Certified Refurbished) EinScan Pro 2X Plus: Professional Handheld 3D Scanner

    Our bestselling structured light 3D scanner for fast, accurate scanning. Great for capturing all kinds of medium to large size objects (4 inches to 13 ft).

    • This is open box unit and included original accessories & packing
    • Supports 4 scanning modes with various optional accessories
    • Single-shot scan accuracy ranges from 0.04mm to 0.1mm depending on scanning mode
    • 1.5M points per second/30fps
    • Single scan range is 208 x 136 – 312 x 204 mm
    • Working distance 5.1m (16feet)
    • Export file format: stl, obj, ply, asc, 3MF and p3 (global markers file)