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Trade in Your Old EinScan | Level Up Your 3D Scanning Power

Enjoying your EinScan 3d scanner? Feel as though you need more 3D scanning power? We’ve got you covered!


No matter if your current EinScan 3D Scanner: Our Trade-in Program offers you the possibility to get a cutting-edge technology upgrade by trading-up. We'll apply the value of your existing hardware toward the purchase of our latest solutions.


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  • Offer valid for any EinScan 3d scanner.
  • Offer is limited to any brand-new EinScan 3D scanner.
  • Credit will be applied on your order. The credit is based on the price list value in USD.
  • You must obtain a return authorization number in order to send your old EinScan 3d scanner.

Whatever the reason for trade in, we can help you fill the technology gap. Don’t miss out on this great promo! Contact us today for more information or get in touch with our sales representative.