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Geomagic Control X


Bring the power of 3D scan-based inspection to more people in more places with
industry-leading metrology software that makes it easy to capture and interpret scan data.

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What is Geomagic Control X?

Geomagic® Control X™ is a professional metrology software that lets you capture and process the data from 3D scanners and other devices to measure, understand, and communicate inspection results to ensure quality everywhere.


geomagic metrology control

New User Interface – CAD – like Intuitive User Interface

The functionality, user interface and job processes of Geomagic Control X are similar to those of popular parametric and feature-based CAD systems. When it comes to Measured Data based inspection for CAD users, Geomagic Control X is the one and only answer.



Drastically Simplified Process through Smart Automation

You can measure and tolerance parts with just a few clicks. Geomagic Control X requires 30% less mouse traveling distance and clicks compared to other inspection software.

Fully Compatible with Siemens NX, CATIA and Creo(Pro/ENGINEER) – Truly 3D PMI-ready

Geomagic Control X opens native files from Siemens NX, CATIA and Creo(Pro/E), and imports dimensions and tolerances defined in a CAD part, preventing you from having to redefine the GD&T. Geomagic Control X is the first point cloud inspection software to truly read native GD&T annotations (Product Manufacturing Information, PMI) from the most widely used CAD applications.


Feature-by-feature Parametric Inspection

Geomagic Control X is the only 3D scan-based inspection software that works like a parametric and feature-based CAD system, allowing the modification of any part of an inspection job at any time with an instant update of the results. Mistakes can be corrected or measurements can be re-taken without needing to inspect the whole part all over again.

Truly Supports GD&T on 2D Draft

When it comes to inspection, every calculation counts. Top manufacturers around the world trust Control X to measure thousands of parts every day. In addition to its industry-proven accurate alignment, Geomagic Control X introduces a new fully automated alignment feature based on geometry feature recognition.


Fully Compliant with ASME(ANSI) Y14.5M GD&T

Many professional GD&T targets are supported in Geomagic Control X such as Patterns, Projected modifiers, Simultaneous Requirements (SIMREQT), Symmetries, Lines and Surface Profiles, Counterbores, Countersinks, Bore Depths, etc.

Industry-proven Scan-to-CAD Alignment Enhancement

Geomagic Control X is the 1st software of its kind that fully supports GD&T in 2D. Various methods can be used to define a sectional plane such as Full, Partial, Offset, Multiple and Revolved Section.


Mesh Data as Reference Data

In Geomagic Control X, mesh data (tessellated CAD or Measured Data) can be used as Reference Data. GD&T and +/- tolerances can easily be defined directly on mesh data and is similar with working with CAD data because all geometrical features on the reference mesh data are automatically recognized after importing the mesh file.

Smart Dimension & Tolerance Table

Defining GD&T is much easier than ever through smart automation of UI. A predefined tolerance table is available to drastically improve job efficiency.


Complete Toolbox for CAD & Measured Data Optimization

Error-free CAD and Measured Data is required to guarantee the reliability of accurate inspection results. Geomagic Control X provides a complete toolset for the preparation of perfect CAD and Measured Data by using CAD & Mesh healing features, CAD & Mesh de-noising features and CAD & Mesh editing features.

Streamlined and efficient inspection processes using portable measurement devices

LiveInspect is a new User Interface (UI) that is used to control various portable measurement devices in an easy and integrated fashion. LiveInspect is flexible and powerful, enabling probing devices to be used during the inspection process in addition to, or instead of a scanning device. The LiveInspect Toolbar contains all the tools necessary when physically touching a probing device to a measurement part in a consolidated and accessible layout.


Rebuild Performance Enhancements

Since Geomagic Control X’s inspection process is parametric and creates a history, users can change parameters or options and recalculate revised results at any time by rebuilding the inspection history. This enhancement is focused on rebuilding performance by removing redundant calculations. When the options in the properties are modified, only inspection features influenced by the changed options will be marked and they can be updated using the rebuild function.

frame inspection RPS alignment


Convenient Reporting Tools

Geomagic Control X has its own report generation tool inside of the application and it is designed for easy learning and usage. New functionalities can add more custom values for higher degrees of freedom when making a customized layout and some performance enhancements have been made while generating or modifying reports.

Inspection Automation Tool

Geomagic Control X Automation supports for multiple simultaneous inspections. This Automation tool deals with multiple inspections by assigning inspection jobs to multiple PCs on a network. The Automation utility monitors the clients and assigns jobs to waiting clients. This process improves productivity and maximizes inspection efficiency.


Geomagic Control X Editions

Geomagic Control X offers three software packages to best fit your inspection needs

Package Comparison


Affordable and Powerful Inspection for Everyone

Essentials Connect

Powerful Inspection for Portable CMMs and Scanners


Professional Inspection for Advanced and Automated Workflows

Comprehensive Inspection Tools
(Import, Edit, Align, Extract, Compare)

Reporting Tools

Repeatable Inspection Routines

Direct Plugin Scanning

Portable Metrology Device Support and Tools

Automated Inspection

Multi-Result Inspection

Surface Defect Inspection Tools

Native CAD Importer

Airfoil Analysis



Why Choose Geomagic Control X?

  • Easy to Learn: Don’t have time to become an expert in inspection software? Control X is for you. Start getting results with little or no training.
  • Quick to Use: Control X is flexible – it follows the way you work, not the other way around. And scan-native algorithms built on a CAD kernel make handling huge data sets fast and easy.
  • Everything You Need: Control X comes with everything you need for professional-level inspection. You don’t pay extra for CAD importers, scan mesh processing tools, or airfoil analysis capabilities.
  • Born to Work with Your Industrial 3D Scanner: Get the most out of your 3D scanner with software designed from the ground up to work with it. Control X works with every 3D scanner, so you can add more devices and keep a common software interface to them all.