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What can I 3D scan?

Generally, you can scan all visible, non transparent, not too dark, not-too-shiny surfaces that do not move for at least a few seconds of scanning time. Structured light 3D scanners need to cast light patterns onto the object in order to capture the surface features, thus dark objects absorbs light, transparent objects cannot project the light patterns and shiny objects reflects light. Inside cavities or holes cannot be captured unless it is fully visible.

The best objects to scan with EinScan 3D scanners are:

  • Opaque, not translucent/transparent
  • Not-too-shiny surfaces

If you need to scan dark objects, you need to powder coat it with white powder, even spray such as this, which works surprisingly well.  For scanning hair, you can use dry shampoo.  Transparent objects cannot be scanned as the structure light pattern cannot be projected onto the surface.

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