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How to Use Geomagic Essentials and Solid Edge to Reverse Data Rapidly.

Reverse Engineering Tutorial Step by Step

How to reverse data rapidly when we have the scan data? Today’s article we will share you the method about using geomagic essentials & solid edge to do the reverse engineering step by step.


What you need:

Scan data (please download from https://drive.google.com/open?id=1huXgS6cHWP1wUKxQKLIXmnd9tsNsvbjG)

Software:Geomagic Essentials + Solid Edge Shining 3D version

Let’s start.


1. Preparation– Geomagic Essentials

  • Delete redundant data.

First, delete the support part data which was captured while scanning.

  • Repair mesh

Use Mesh Doctor function to repair imperfections in a polygon mesh automatically.

  • Fill holes

Due to the scanning method, we missed some regions ‘data. Use Fill holes function to complete this mission.

  • Align to world

Because it deviates from the world coordinate system, to facilitate subsequent operations, we align the data with the world coordinate system.

We need to generate an axis, a plane and a line to help align.

It is very easy and quick to align to world in the software.


2. Generate References– Geomagic Essentials

  • create curves

Create curves on the data surface to facilitate after reverse operations .

  • Auto surface

This workflow generates surfaces that match the object exactly as it is constructed. Then export igs. file.


3. Construct Model—Solid Edge

  • Create curves

Use application button to import igs file. Use keypoint function to draw lines.

  • Create surface

Construct both blades surfaces with guide curves and boundery then extend.

  • Construct blade shape

Sketch the blade shape and extrude. Use both surfaces to replace and construct the blade shape.

  • Construct remain part

Sketch and extrude the center cylinder. Pattern to get 3 blades and round all edges.


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