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How long does it cost to finish a whole scan?

It depends on the complexity and size of the object you want to scan and your proficiency of operation.

In Fixed scan mode, for a single capture, EinScan-SE needs less than 8 seconds, while EinScan-SP needs less than 4 seconds.

In Auto scan mode, EinScan-SE needs less than 2 minutes to finish scanning with the turntable turns a circle, while EinScan-SP needs less than 1 minute. For example, there is an object that fits the turntable. You might have to do 2 times of auto scan( 2*1min for SP, 2*2min for SE), then 2 or 3 times of fixed scan( about 2 min).

The processing time will depend on the computer configuration. So totally, it will cost about 10 to 15 minutes.

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