EinScan-SE & EinScan-SP 3D Scanner FAQ

1. Is there any object that’s not suitable to scan with EinScan-SE & EinScan-SP?

  • Objects beyond the scan range of the scanner, either too small or too big.
  • Black, transparent or shiny object has to be sprayed powder before scanning.


2. Do I have to prepare a computer according to your requirements strictly?

  • Better to follow our recommendation as this is an optimum option. Or you may check your current configuration with our einscan support (Skype: einscan_support).


3. What is the computer configuration requested for SE and SP respectively?

  • Please see the product description.


4. What’s the main difference between EinScan-S, EinScan-SE & EinScan-SP?

Generally speaking, they have difference, showed in below list, in scan range, speed and accuracy. 

EinScan-SP offers more flexibility: marker alignment, tripod configuration for both fixed scan and auto scan mode.


5. Is the tripod in the picture included in the scanner?

  • EinScan-SP has the tripod as its standard accessory. But you can buy separately the tripod for EinScan-SE using fixed scan mode.


6. What’s the function of the software? Can I do reverse engineering or further design?

  • The scanner comes with its own software to generate scan data and do some simple modifications. If you want to do reverse engineering or further design, you may use a third-party software.


7. Can EinScan-SE and SP capture texture?

  • Yes. There is a built-in color camera inside the device. When you create new project, texture can be enabled or disabled.


8. What is the light condition requested during scanning?

  • Normal indoor light will be fine. It will reduce the scan quality if you use light too strong or variable as outdoor sunlight.


9. Can SE and SP scan both dark and bright object?

  • Yes. SE/SP has a function called HDR (High Dynamic Range) in the software, which enables it to scan object with high contrast colors.


10. How much weight could the turntable load?

  • 5 kg at maximum;


11. What is the scanning accuracy of SE/SP?

  • The single capture accuracy for SE is 0.1mm, and for SP is 0.05mm;


12. What data format could the scanner export? Can I use other software to edit?

  • The scanner could export .asc/.stl/.obj/.ply. Yes, users could edit the data via most popular 3rd party mesh edition software.


13. Do I get any warranty?

  • Yes, we offer one-year standard warranty.


14. What support do I get if I purchase the scanner?

  • We have technicians available during working days. You can contact them by email: support@go3dpro.com.


15. What size of the model would be proper for scanning by SE&SP?

  • The maximum volume of Auto scan mode is 200mm * 200mm * 200mm.As for Fixed scan mode, we suggest maximum volume of 700mm * 700mm * 700mm for EinScan-SE and 1200mm * 1200mm * 1200mm for Einscan-SP.


16. Is it compatible with 3D printers?

  • The scanner software can automatically mesh to watertight 3D data. You can save the exported data as OBJ, STL, ASC and PLY. Choose the proper format for your 3D printer.


17. How long does it cost to finish a whole scan?

  • It depends on the complexity and size of the object you want to scan and your proficiency of operation. In Fixed scan mode, for a single capture, EinScan-SE needs less than 8 seconds, while EinScan-SP needs less than 4 seconds. In Auto scan mode, EinScan-SE needs less than 2 minutes to finish scanning with the turntable turns a circle, while EinScan-SP needs less than 1 minute. For example, there is an object that fits the turntable. You might have to do 2 times of auto scan( 2*1min for SP, 2*2min for SE), then 2 or 3 times of fixed scan( about 2 min). The processing time will depend on the computer configuration. So totally, it will cost about 10 to 15 minutes.


18. Is it available for Mac OS?

  • The Mac OS version is not available for current version. If your computer matches our required configuration, you can use a virtual machine to run our Einscan software under Windows OS.