EinScan-Pro+ 3D Scanner FAQ

1. What is the accuracy?

There are four modes of EinScan-Pro+ with different accuracies.

  • Single scan accuracy of fix mode which is consist of auto scan mode and free scan mode is 0.05mm.
  • Accuracy of handheld hd scan mode is 0.1mm.
  • Accuracy of handheld rapid scan mode is 0.3mm.


2. What is the scan range?

  • Recommended scanning part size range is 0.05 to 4 m.


3. Can EinScan-Pro+ scan black object or transparent object?

  • You can increase the brightness to capture some part of the black object but can not make sure to get full data. Transparent object can not be scanned. We recommend to spray developer on the surface of the black objects and the transparent objects before scan.


4. What is the output format of the scan data ?

  • The EinScan-Pro software can export .stl, .obj, .asc and .ply files.


5. Can EinScan-Pro+ capture texture?

  • EinScan-Pro+ has texture camera(not within basic pack). With texture camera ,it can capture texture in all modes except handheld hd scan mode.


6. What is the requirement of computer configuration?

  • OS: Windows 7,8.1 or 10 ,64bit
    Port: 2 x available USB ports(USB2.0 or USB3.0)
    Graphic Card: NVIDIA GTX660 or higher
    CPU: Recommended dual core processor (I5) or  higher
    Display memory:>2G
    Memory Storage:16G or more


7. What is the alignment mode?

  • Auto scan mode---turntable align
  • Free scan mode---reference point, feature and turntable align
  • Handheld hd scan mode---reference point align(with 100 lines
  • Handheld rapid scan mode---feature align\reference point align


8. Is the light of handheld rapid scan safe to human?

  • Yes, it is safe to human because the source of handheld rapid scan is LED.


9. Different between EinScan-Pro and EinScan-Pro+

  • The range of EinScan-Pro+ is about 1.6 times of the EinScan-Pro.
  • EinScan-Pro+ has 100 lines than 7 lines, which means it will scan quickly than EinScan-Pro.


10. How about the appearance of this Einscan-Pro+?

  • On the basis of the original simple appearance, Einscan-Pro+ adopt the generous fashion luxury gold color.


11. What are the advantages of the product?

  • Einscan-Pro+ increase the scan range(300*170),and increased from 7 lines to 100 lines in the HD model. Under the premise of ensuring the fine degree, the scanning speed is greatly increased. This design will be very suitable for scanning industrial parts and fine objects. Handheld Rapid scan mode(with reference point align) will also be suitable for scanning large feature value less objects, such as wood carving, stone carving.


12. About Handheld Rapid scan mode (with reference point align).

  • EinScan-Pro+ can use Handheld Rapid scan mode(with reference point align) and this function does not have to pay.