EXScan Pro Software

The new scanning software EXScan Pro provides a brand-new UI

and workflow. The 3D scan process is as simple as taking a video

for either new or experienced users.










On the software side, SHINING 3D’s new ExScan Pro software offers a “faster scanning experience” and all-new UI and workflow. According to SHINING 3D, ExScan Pro makes 3D scanning “as simple as taking a video.” New features include the ability to specify resolution during data processing.

Brand-new UI and Workflow

User-Friendly Operation

New Operation Mode Option

  • Allows users a faster scanning experience during operation and set the resolution option afterwards during the data processing, which improves scanning efficiency.

Simultaneous Data Display

High Compatibility

  • Outputs standard file formats includes STL, OBJ, PLY, ASC, 3MF and P3 (global markers file).
  • Compatible with most mainstream software packages in the market. By saving watertight models, seamlessly connect to 3D printers for 3D printing.

Mesh Editing

  • Provides mesh editing such as clean, hole filling, data simplification, smoothing, sharpen etc.