3D printers and scanners have unlimited possibilities for applications in every area of life.

Students at the University of Ottawa have used 3D printers to create prosthetic limbs for children. They help prepare for complicated surgeries.

Howard and Raj on the Big Bang Theory used one to create action figures of themselves.

What is a 3D scanner used for and how can it make life better for businesses and individuals?

Keep reading some of the awesome ways that 3D scanning makes the world a better place.

What Is a 3D Scanner Used For?

There are various types and sizes of 3D scanners with some filling an entire room and other small 3D scanners that can be handheld.

Industrial 3D scanners and printers can be used in the automotive, engineering, technology, medical, and many other fields.

Smaller scanners are revolutionizing the way we are able to find answers to problems. Allowing companies to troubleshoot issues within almost any niche.

3D Scanners in the Music Industry

You'd think there wouldn't be a lot of uses for 3D scanners in the music industry. You can make musical magic with a little imagination.

3D scanners can create instruments and open up new possibilities for children and adults in the world of music.

Music programs will be a lot more accessible if instruments are readily available. This also allows adaptations for personal students' needs.

You can also play music on a 3D printer by uploading the right program. You can then have a physical representation of the song in the 3D sculpture created.

Medical Field Applications for 3D Scanners

3D printers and scanners allow breakthroughs in treatment and training. Diagnosis and treatment options are more advanced and easier for patients and their healthcare team.

3D printers can create replica organs and body parts. Medical professionals learn and prepare for complicated procedures prior to placing a patient at risk. They don't have to be moved or opened up to find out what is going on.

They can also be used to create medical devices that are lifesaving. New equipment and tools to perform surgeries are made and adapted for individuals. More detailed and specific treatment and tools give patients better outcomes.

Prosthetic limbs and adaptive aids can be made to meet the needs of each patient rather than "making due" with what is available.

3D scanners allow for less invasive diagnosis of medical conditions. This means less risk of infection and other complications and a better outcome. 3D scanners help diagnosis and treatment to begin more quickly.

Individuals that normally couldn't afford expensive medical equipment and devices can now get what they need for much less cost.

Mechanical Works

3D printers have made keeping the machinery running easier for many. They are able to create precise mechanical pieces and parts for equipment. They may have to otherwise wait days or weeks to get from a supplier.

The automotive industry, farming industry and any production line or business that uses large machinery may find 3D printers beneficial for getting up and running quickly if something breaks. Aerospace, automotive, and farming industries all have made advancements because of them.

3D scanners allow for a detailed view of unseeable places. Ships, cars, container ships, and other large enclosed structures are not accessible. This allows for less loss of time and money due to mistakes. You don't have to worry about making decisions with factors that couldn't you can't view with the naked eye.

Small and Intricate Details

3D scanners and printers can be helpful in small detailed work. They help with seeing and creating intricately detailed work.

Medical and dental scanners can change lives for people by providing realistic assistance when needed.

Watchmakers, heart surgeons, computer technology designers, and designers have all found benefit in using 3D printers to present a better and more detailed product or service.

A scanner allows for a more detailed look at what is going on inside the small and enclosed space while not having to tear everything apart to get a look at it.

This can be cost-effective and less intrusive than other options. Fewer mistakes are made because there is more knowledge and easier access to the exact tools and parts needed to do the best job and create the best-finished product possible. 

It allows for more successful medicine, more detailed and astounding art, more powerful motorized creations and a brighter more informed future filled with limitless possibilities. 

Dental and Medical Scanners

Aside from the incredible applications of 3D scanners in the medical industry it also has specific benefits in the dental field as well. 

It's important for the dental team to be able to make informed decisions and that's hard to do when half the tooth is hidden in gums and bones. 3D scanners allow for a complete and detailed view of everything that needs to be seen and known before deciding on a course of action for treatment or giving a clean bill of health.

They are also being used to create realistic and personally designed dentures and dental devices like bridges that can fit better and be more effective for patients with tooth loss or other bone and dental issues.

Work or Play

Whether it's for work or play 3D printers are here to stay and in a decade there will be a million more answers to the questions "what is a 3D scanner used for?" and "how they make our lives better?".

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