Did you know that 3D scanners are an integral part of the 3D printing world? They are being used more and more every day to keep production running smoothly.

A wide variety of industries have been impacted by the help of a 3D scanner like the medical, engineering, and creative professions.

Curious about what a portable 3D scanner has to offer you? Read our ultimate guide for purchasing one today!


Who Needs a Portable 3D Scanner?

Portable 3D scanners are designed for anyone who has an interest in taking their creative process to the next level. 

Unlike desktop scanners, portable 3D scanners can be taken with you on your travels and creative pursuits. With a portable scanner, your hobbies and passions can be more accessible than ever.

Is 3D scanning and printing a part of your professional career? Great! A portable 3D scanner is a wonderful investment for a wide range of job industries.

Here are a few job titles that can benefit from having a portable 3Dscanner handy:

  • Architect
  • Draftsmen
  • Engineer
  • Game designer
  • Stop-motion animator
  • Set designer
  • Educator
  • Auto mechanic
  • Parts technician

Are you purchasing a portable 3D scanner for your employees? If so, you can enjoy this investment in nearly every faction of your creative company.

A variety of tasks can be aided by the portable scanner since it will be uninhibited by location. Couple your portable 3D scanner with an in-house 3D printer to bring your team’s visions to life.


Types of Portable 3D Scanners on the Market

Some scanners are built for speed and efficiency. Portable scanners take those factors to the next level. Most portable scanners can complete a scan in minutes!

The latest developments in portable 3D scanners involve color-capturing technology. Blue lasers are used in some portable scanners to take the dimension of your 3D. 

Other scanners, however, are able to output full-color renderings of your 3D scan. This type of scan can help you fully envision and manipulate your 3D document. 

The number of cameras that are equipped on your portable scanner can help your scanner see in dark areas and capture reflective surfaces. This is invaluable for those who work in fast-paced industrial environments.

More cameras and tech also leads to different scanning modes. Enjoy everything that your portable scanner has to offer by taking advantage of all of your device’s scanning modes.


What Is the Price Range of a Portable 3D Scanner?

Your portable 3D scanner will be a multi-thousand-dollar investment. Whether it is for personal or company use, it is an investment you’ll be glad to have.

Most portable 3D scanners come with a one-year warranty and other longevity protocols. This increases the value of your investment and brings you peace of mind.

The price of a portable 3D scanner ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. Some scanners cost even more in different countries. 

Does brand matter when it comes to 3D scanners? To answer this question you will have to consider the brand’s reputation, warranty policies, and product lines.

For example, EinScan is a popular portable scanner brand that awards certification to reputable retailers. 

The EinScan Expert Certified logo helps customers know that this retailer can be trusted to sell its products. You will find the EinScan Expert Certified logo at the bottom of our page!


Are You Ready for This Kind of Power?

Portable 3D scanners make it easy to take your work with you. If your profession belongs to one of the professions listed above then this is a lot of power in your hands! Are you ready for this kind of power?

If your job was temporarily remote during the pandemic then you had a taste of work-at-home life. If you were a fan of that type of environment then consider investing in the 3D ecosystem!

Purchasing a portable 3D scanner offers you flexibility and work-life balance that you may have not previously considered. That is true power!

Industrial grade portable scanners are often shared between employees at the workplace. Keep this in mind when selecting your own portable scanner for purchase to be able to transition between software and hardware with ease.


3D Scanners and 3D Printers

3D scanners are wonderful innovations that are able to effortlessly create a blueprint of your 3D object. 

This blueprint can help you craft ideas around a space or generate something completely new… the possibilities are endless!

Choosing a 3D scanner by the same manufacturer who produces your 3D printer can create a seamless transition from a scan to a tangible object. Full-spectrum scans will already have color choices embedded into the design. These design features can be edited post-scan so that you are able to print the perfect prototype.

If you want to enjoy your new design in the 3D world, then you should pair your 3D scanner with a 3D printer. This is not an essential step for enjoying your 3D scanner but it is highly recommended! Both pieces of technology can help you bring your full vision to life.


How We Can Help You

Now that you are aware of the many ways portable 3D scanners differ, you know what to look for when you are ready to buy your own.

We have an extensive selection of portable and desktop model 3D scanners. If you have any questions, we're here to help! Browse our online and shop and get in contact with us for more information.