At present, most people forgot about the ordinary scanner and switch to 3D model scanner. This 3D scanner has many advanced technologies and it has scanning domain to give you high quality printing. The mechanism of 3D scanner is easy and it can be used comfortably in your home itself. The 3D scanners can usually make point clouds of information from the surface of an object. Actually, the 3d scanning is a way to capture the perfect size and shape of a physical object into a system world as a 3d digital representation. However, this scanner is appropriate to the measurement and examination of contoured surfaces and multifaceted geometries as well.

The next generation of this 3D model scanner is the Einscan-pro scanner. In this there are two models available with better features like handheld 3D scanner and desktop 3D scanner. Some of the scanners in this type are:
Einscan pro 2x plus handheld 3D scanner
Einscan pro 2x handheld 3D scanner
Einscan-SP desktop 3D scanner
Einscan-SE desktop 3D scanner

Einscan pro 2x plus handheld 3D scanner: This variant comes with solid edge shining 3D edition software and it shows medium object to large one. This models suits well for professional uses like reverse engineering, generative design and simulation. In this there are many packs available where you can customize of your own.

Einscan pro 2x handheld 3D scanner: It has designed in a way of versatile manner and as it is portable so it is very easy to handle. If you want to scan small objects to medium size then this models suits well.

Einscan – SP desktop scanner: Usually desktop scanner is multifunctional and it can perform dual scan modes. In this SP desktop type the user can do it faster, reliable and accurate scan. The accuracy level will be 0.05mm for a single scan. The time required for a scan is 4seconds.

Einscan- SE desktop scanner: This is one of the most powerful partners for desktop in 3D applications. The time taken per scan will be 8 second and it is little slower than SP desktop scanner.