SHINING 3D has released the latest version of the EXScan software, version 3.3 . This update focuses on improving the functionality of SHINING 3D’s EinScan Pro 2X line of multi-functional handheld 3D scanners and improves overall mesh editing functions. With the arrival of SHINING 3D’s RED bundle, the need for more dynamic editing features in the initial scan software was highly requested. V3.3 brings multiple new options to better prepare your scans for reverse engineering and design workflows.

New mesh editing functions in this update include:

  • Enabled select and delete mesh data
    The ability to select and delete scan data after meshing the file. The same editing tools that previously only applied to initial scan data (Point Cloud) now apply to the meshed scan.

  • Added feature creation
    The ability to create feature functions including points, lines, planes. It will help alignment to the world coordinate system XYZ.

  • Added scan registration
    Now you can quickly align your mesh data to the world coordinate XYZ, making post-processing and reverse engineering easier and faster.

  • Two options to align the data:
    Exact Movement. By entering the value, the scanned data can be offset or rotated to match the input coordinate and orientation.

    3-2-1 System Movement (plane-line-point alignment). It aligns the data by deletion of the degrees of freedom.

  • Added measuring function
    The addition of measurement tools enables quickly analysis of scanned objects. Options includes distance, surface area and volume.