IntraoralScan has just received an update that includes over 24 new features and improvements. As the companion software to SHINING 3D’s best-selling intraoral scanner, Aoralscan 3 and Aoralscan 3 Wireless, the latest version of IntraoralScan offers a better user experience and workflow optimization.

From order creation and intraoral scanning to design and consulting, IntraoralScan has optimized and upgraded every step of the process, thinking from the user’s point of view about how operations can be made more efficient to maximize benefits. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these key updates and how they can benefit dental professionals.

1. Integration of Consultation Widgets

IntraoralScan now offers consultation features that provide valuable information and insights for dental professionals. Three key features in this update are the ConsulReport, ConsulOS and MetronTrack. These features can help dentists visualize patients’ oral conditions, enhancing the efficiency of dentist-patient communication.

1.1 ConsulReport (Oral Health Report)

This feature includes an updated oral health report that lists the most likely diseases and other possible diseases for professionals to choose from. With this feature, a customized oral health report can be made for patients, and patients can also view and share the report by saving and scanning the QR code.

1.2 ConsulOS

Another powerful feature included in this integration is Ortho Simulation. This feature significantly improves communication efficiency by simulating the orthodontic treatment process and results, allowing patients to better understand and plan the treatment process.

1.3 MetronTrack

The new feature MetronTrack provides enhanced functionality. With MetronTrack, dental professionals can now easily and efficiently track patients’ progress. This feature allows professionals to track patients’ progress over time and adjust treatment plans as needed.


2. Integration of Design Widgets

One of the most exciting updates of IntraoralScan is the incorporation of three design widgets, making the creation of night guard, retainer, temporary crown, and indirect bonding tray easier than ever before. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key benefits:

2.1 CreSplint

CreSplint, powered by AI technology, makes the generation process of night guard and retainer effortlessly. Whether you need a night guard or a retainer, the IntraoralScan provides precise and easy-to-use designs that require minimal training. It help you complete the entire treatment process at the chairside, reducing patient waiting times and enhancing the overall consultation experience.

2.2 CreIBT

CreIBT is another important feature in IntraoralScan that makes the creation of indirect bonding trays easy. With CreIBT, orthodontists can quickly and accurately attach brackets to teeth, all while benefiting from the convenience of direct 3D printing.

2.3 CreTemp

Another key feature is CreTemp, which can be used to create temporary crowns. This widget is designed to help you quickly and efficiently print a temporary crown, reducing patient waiting times and allowing you to provide high-quality care with minimal effort.

2.4 Section Mode

In bite adjustment, you can choose section mode to accurately measure the distance between the upper and lower jaws.

3. Optimization of the Scanning Process

3.1 Scanbody Match

When the dentist scans the scan body, the scan body library data will automatically align with its position, indicating a successful scan. The alignment of the scan body library ensures a more accurate transfer of implant information to the laboratory, providing better accuracy for additional design work.

3.2 Denture Scanning

To ensure the smoothness of soft tissue scanning, a new denture scanning mode has been added. Only with intraoral scan mode on, the denture scanning button can be switched on.

3.3 Refinement of Automatic Recognition of Processing Area

Refinement scanning can automatically recognize the working area and the recognition area can be adjusted after recognition is completed.

3.4 Computer Performance Evaluation

After computer performance evaluation, adjust the scan frame rate according to the computer’s performance. Avoid software lag due to insufficient computer performance.

3.5 Judgment of Laptop Power Connection

During the scanning process, the software will automatically detect whether the computer is connected to power or not and prompt if not.

3.6 Automatic Clearing of Project Files Function

A new function to clear project files has been added to ensure that there is enough space on the computer. Orders with cleared project files cannot add scans. Data will not be deleted.

3.7 Support Nvidia’s RTX40 Graphics Card Series

4. Order Creation Optimization

  • New building order scanning process that supports offline login and full offline mode.
  • Improved sending interface experience.


IntraoralScan is an excellent update that offers dental professionals a range of new features and improvements. With better user experience, workflow optimization, and advanced features like design widgets and consultant integration, IntraoralScan continues to be a leading choice for dental professionals seeking reliable and efficient scanning software. Try out the new IntraoralScan and experience the difference today!