The EinScan Pro 2X series is known for its versatility and ease of use. Being the premier handheld multifunctional 3D scanner on the market, it has been adapted to countless uses. Its applications range from scanning automotive parts for reverse engineering to digital modeling for at home hobbyist and everything in-between, including medical, archeological, and VR applications. SHINING 3D made waves this year at Rapid + TCT when they announced their partnership with 3D Systems to bring customers Geomagic Essentials. The pairing was a perfect match. SHINING 3D’s flagship scanner, the EinScan Pro 2X and 2X Plus are bundled alongside 3D Systems’ newly customized software solution, Geomagic Essentials. The new software was designed from the ground up to integrate directly with the EinScan Pro 2X line of scanners. Geomagic Essentials bridges the gap from scan to design like no other software on the market. Naturally, we put it to the test with a full body 3D portrait. So how well does the EinScan Pro 2X Plus scan a human body?

The EinScan Pro line has always prided itself in its unrivaled functionality but it’s safe to say that the scanner is best known for its handheld scan modes, specifically its “Handheld Rapid Scan Mode”. In this mode the EinScan Pro 2X line of scanners are able to capture 3D scans without the use of markers or targets with unmatched ease of use and accuracy. This makes it the ideal mode for scanning human faces, bodies, and other large objects with distinct characteristics. This mode also allows for the use of the Color Pack attachment which captures vivid color and texture while scanning. The texture data can be saved and exported along with the scan for use in 3D modeling or printing. Texture data is important for a wide range of applications including digital archiving, architecture, art applications, and human portraits. More recently we have seen a high usage of colored scans used in AR and VR applications as the scans are an accurate representation of the real object, just conveniently digitized.

A complete human body scan can be done in under 10 minutes depending on the settings and user. We use feature aligment to scan the body, so people should not move during scanning. The scanner captures 3D data at very fast rates and the image is processed in real time. Once the scan is completed it can be saved in multiple formats and exported directly to Geomagic Essentials for post processing directly from SHINING 3D’s scanning software.

3D Systems’ Geomagic Essentials specializes in preparing the scan for CAD platforms. Traditionally, scans are very hard to work with in CAD because they are made up of millions of polygons or triangles which can be very difficult for platforms that are used to working with perfect shapes and surfaces. Essentials allows the user to optimize the data, repair meshes, fill holes, and much more. From there the data can be exported to your native CAD platform for more in-depth reverse engineering and reverse CAD options. It can also be exported directly into your modeling software. In this particular case the 3D scan was optimized and cleaned up directly in Essentials. The entire scan to design process was completed within minutes, a far cry from the industry norm, and the results speak for themselves. For this project Geomagic Essentials was used to repair holes in the scan, optimize the mesh, and clean up the scan data. The final model shows impressive color and detail that stand up to even the most expensive 3D scanners. These are the kind of results that are used in high-end AR/VR applications as the scan is full of color, details, and proportionate to the person’s real size. This makes the scan data ideal for the ever-growing amount of “reality” applications including digital customization, online retail, and virtual displays. Regardless of the application, the EinScan Pro 2X Plus promises to make professional 3D scanning more accessible than it has ever been. High Accuracy human body scanning has never been easier.

SHINING 3D’s RED (Reverse engineering and design) bundle has already launched. This bundle includes everything needed for scan to design workflows, including the Industrial Pack add-on (Tri-pod and turntable), and both the Geomagic Essentials and Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition by SIEMENS software. For more information on pricing, specifications, or availability please contact us