In the new FreeScan software update, higher scanning speed, stronger single line performance and recognition of different sized markers come together for the ultimate industrial 3D scanning experience.

Before you download your free update, let´s take a detailed look at the new features:

1. Higher Scanning Speed

Scanning speed has been increased to an average of 120 frames, which greatly enhances the scanning experience.


2. Improvement of Single Line

The single-line scanning of FreeScan UE has been significantly improved. Now it will be easier to scan deep holes and some difficult-to-scan areas with single-line.


3. Recognition of Different Size Markers

Since version 1.2, FreeScan UE supports two kinds of markers, 6mm and 3mm diameter markers. The 3mm markers recognition function also facilitates the scanning task. For example, when scanning some smaller objects or objects with a surface not suitable for sticking large markers. In addition, the two markers-types can be used and recognized together, improves the overall scanning experience of FreeScan UE.


The software update is available now on Support Center, you can download it now here: