The EinScan-Pro is your best decision for catching certifiable information to change over into a computerized 3D demonstrate. It tends to be utilized for customer and business applications in assembling, building, plan, improvement, testing, fine art chronicled, activity and even human frame securing. The 3D scanner enables you to utilize physical items to more readily conceptualize a thought or make a beginning stage for displaying in CAD (Computer Aided Design). Einscan Pro is another convenient and light-weight handheld scanner from Shining3D, the creators of Einscan.


The Einscan Pro is very flexible and can be utilized in four modes – 'Handheld HD Scan', 'Handheld Rapid Scan' , 'Programmed Scan' and 'Free Scan'. These modes furnish you with the adaptability to filter wide scope of articles. In the mix with the extra gadget 'shading pack' you can extricate surface data alongside the geometry of the articles. With the 'Mechanical pack' which comprises of a turntable and a tripod, the scanner can be utilized as a stationary scanner to accomplish higher exactness. It is an ideal scanner for checking people to make miniatures. It is outfitted with surface output work fit for catching full shading 3D information of the item. In handheld sweep mode, the output speed is 10 outlines/s. The Automatic output and free sweep mode single output takes under 2s.