S-SPORTY is a leading car kit customization company in Thailand. Over the past 30 years, they have accumulated a lot of experience in car kit customization projects. These customization projects involved clay modelling, a time-consuming and labour-intensive traditional method. Until early 2023, they started to look for solutions to improve the efficiency of customization and reduce labour costs, and eventually, they turned to the EinScan Pro HD 3D scanner.

S-SPORTY in Thailand

Traditional Car Kit Customization

S-SPORTY’s conventional method for car kit customization relied on clay modelling. Moulding the clay and sticking it to the car is a labour-intensive and time-consuming process. This method not only incurred high labour costs but also hindered the company’s ability to meet growing customer demands efficiently. As the demand for custom car kits increased, S-SPORTY found themselves facing a bottleneck in production, needing help to keep up with market expectations.

Transition to 3D Digitizing Technology

When S-SPORTY realized that traditional methods were no longer sufficient to meet the company’s growing business needs, they started to look for a more effective solution. 3D digitizing technology was an advantageous option because state-of-the-art scanners can provide fast and accurate 3D models, replacing traditional clay models.


Easy-to-use EinScan Pro HD

After a product comparison and trial, they chose to work with SHINING 3D and apply the EinScan Pro HD 3D scanner to their customized project. One of the most significant benefits of the EinScan Pro HD is its user-friendly design and ease of operation. This ease of use reduces the learning curve for the S-SPORTY team, allowing them to adapt to new technology and streamline their workflow quickly.

Enhanced Precision and Time Savings

The EinScan Pro HD handles up to 3,000,000 points per second in handheld scanning mode and is suitable for scanning car bodies or large automotive parts. In addition, it has an accuracy of up to 0.04 mm. These scans serve as the basis for designing and customizing car kits with unmatched precision.

3D data of the car bumper

With digital files, S-SPORTY reduces manual labour and speeds up the manufacturing process. The team can manipulate the scanned 3D models in the software, making changes and refinements as needed to reduce the margin of error in the design process. The process from scan to design now takes only a few days, saving a significant amount of time.


In summary, the adoption of the EinScan Pro HD 3D scanner has transformed S-SPORTY’s car kit customization process, allowing them to design and prototype car kits with less human resources and time, increasing efficiency and remaining competitive in the market.

A BYD car modified by S-SPORTY

The question now arises: Do you want to produce your custom-fit products faster and more efficiently? Our solutions can help reduce production times and increase your return on investment while providing a superior experience for your customers. Reach out to us for a free, non-binding consultation, and discover how our 3D scanners can revolutionize your business, just as they did for S-SPORTY!