How can I achieve personalized modification faster, more efficiently and accurately?

Today, with the rapid development of 3D scanning technology and 3D printing technology, we use these digital technologies to turn the exclusive car in our hearts into reality.

Traditional way

Before using digital design, a good modification needs to start with model making.

The most effective way is to use the clay mold method to manually make the modified model in the modified part, and finally turn the FRP.

(Disadvantages: To produce model, the requirements are relatively high, such technicians are relatively less, costly and takes longer (about 3 months).)

New Tenical: 3D Scanning + 3D Printing

Faced with such problems,

MBDesign Design Studio used Shining3D einscan 3d scanner combined with 3D printing technology to implement personalized car modification.

Pre-scan processing:

Since the body surface is a continuous curved surface, feature positioning cannot be used, so it is necessary to attach a marker point to the car before scanning.

(It took 1.5 hours to complete scan with EinScan Pro 2X Plus handheld rapid mode)

Designed with 3D Max software

Scan the acquired 3D data of the body. Since the whole vehicle is symmetrical, the modified design of the whole vehicle can be completed by symmetrical design. Fitting the curved surface of the scanned data and design a new wide-bodied style.

Making wide body with 3D printing

Use the 3D printing to print out the wide body model of the design. 3D printing wide body alignment installation, check the design effect.

Remanufactured FRP

After the 3D printing effect is satisfactory, the mold master only needs to perform simple polishing and orthopedics on the printed samples. It is possible to convert the FRP. Using pre-designed rivets, directly mounted to the body of the original car. Finally fit is over 99%.

Final Effect Display:

Advantages of digital design:

  • Data acquisition is accurate and can be reused.
  • Fast and variability, it can be adjusted in real time with customers through 3D display.
  • The cost is low.