Have you ever gone off your diet for a day or two of salty snacks and sweet confections, only to find that your weight goes up an absurd and disproportionate amount? While it's easy to think that you've undone weeks of progress in a single day, it's actually the result of water weight! Consuming excess sodium can result in a weight fluctuation of up to 5 pounds in a single day. 

But, without the additional context, many people see the increase in weight and jump to conclusions. This is just one of the reasons why it's important to use a body scanner. Knowing what your body is made of, instead of just how much it weighs, is vital to a healthy fitness journey.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of a 3D body scanner and how it can change your life! 


What Is Body Scanning? 

A 3D body scanner allows you to scan a physical object and create a proportional virtual avatar that you can move and measure. It looks like a handheld barcode reader, similar to what you might use at the grocery store, but is packed with the latest in infrared scanning technology. 

3D scanners are currently used in industrial contexts, video games, and medical fields. And now, the fitness industry is getting on board!

Within a few minutes, you can scan a human body and create a digital lookalike. 


How Does a Body Scanner Help? 

With a 3D and completely proportional image of the human body, you can compare body measurements and physical changes over time. So, you can see that the arms and legs have become more toned and slimmer, or that the thighs have become denser with muscle.

This type of analytical physical assessment removes all biases and presents the subject with only the facts. In other words, it removes all the judgments of the scale or the mirror and presents only measurements. 

To give a more concrete example, muscle is about 15% denser than fat. This means that a pound of fat is significantly larger in size than a pound of muscle. So, someone who is packed with muscle may weigh more than someone who is overweight although visually they will appear much smaller.

In the context of weight loss, this makes many people disheartened to step on the scale after weeks of hitting the gym and find that they weigh more. In fact, they probably are slimmer, it's just that they are packed with more muscle and less fat. 

This person could, instead of relying on the ever-fluctuating number on the scale, scan themselves periodically as time passes. Then, regardless of how much they weigh and how they feel when they look in the mirror, they can see incontrovertible proof of how their body measurements have changed. 

Likewise, clients who want to watch as their muscles grow and develop over time, have a reliable way to visualize and measure their progress. It's a much more effective and accurate way to track results than a gym selfie! 


A More Comprehensive Picture

As you can tell, the common ways people measure their progress are inherently flawed. A scale, a picture, and your BMI can't tell you how healthy you are or the specifics of what's happening inside your body.

A 3D scanner can give you a more complete picture of what's going on. It can help show weight distribution, limb circumference, body fat percentage, and your natural body type, all of which can be used to track both your health and your fitness. 


Accountability and Motivation

If you're impatient, and you like seeing results as soon as possible, it can be torturous to watch the mirror and wait for your physique to take shape. 

A 3D scanner can pick up on even subtle changes to your body, and these can help keep you on track.

Likewise, it provides the feeling of an accountability partner. While a body scanner can't force you to eat clean, the knowledge that you have a scan coming up can help you stick to healthy habits and lifestyle changes. 


Who Can Benefit From a Body Scanner? 

Anyone who wants to visualize their results over time in 3D can benefit from a body measurement scanner. This means individuals who are struggling to see the results they want. It also means personal trainers and gyms that want to give their clients the best in fitness assessments.

If you work with a lot of weight loss clients, it's best to begin with a scan and monitor changes over time. Your clients will be able to see how troublesome areas have become thinner and less troublesome, and areas they want to grow are bulking up. 

If you work with bodybuilders or clients who are concerned with muscle tone and size, you can use the body scanner to help them see new muscle definition in areas you've been targeting.

People who monitor and record their progress on their goals are significantly more likely to reach their goals, so having periodic scans can keep a client stay on target to attain their dream physique. 


Take Your Fitness to the Next Level

Whether you're an individual looking for new ways to track your progress or a personal trainer trying to demonstrate to your clients how your routine is changing their body composition, a body scanner can help. 

There's simply no more accurate way to visualize your evolution in the gym than with a body scanner. And, there's no one who knows body scanners better than Go3DPro. We have clients around the world from Amazon to Tesla, and we can help you too.

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