The LiDAR sensor market size is set to surge at a CAGR of over 20% from 2023 to 2032. This shows the important role LiDAR technology plays in diverse industries. If you're looking for the peak of 3D scanning accuracy and mobility, try out the handheld LiDAR scanner.

Searching for a high-quality handheld LiDAR scanner can be a daunting task. With the rapid advancements in technology, it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the options available. Below is a guide on the best handheld LiDAR scanner of 2023.


What Are Handheld LiDAR Scanners?

Handheld LiDAR scanners represent the forefront of modern mapping and surveying technology. These devices use Light Detection and Ranging technology to capture accurate, three-dimensional data about the surrounding environment. Components of handheld LiDAR scanners include:

  • Laser: Emits a pulse of light towards the target
  • Scanner: Detects and records the reflected light from the target
  • GPS Receiver: Records the precise location of the scanner, allowing every data point to be geo-referenced

LiDAR handheld scanners are compact and user-friendly. What's more, they can swiftly capture detailed spatial information.


How Do Handheld LiDAR Scanners Work?

Handheld LiDAR scanners are among the best scanners in 3D scanning technology. They offer precise, mobile solutions to capture the world. Here's how they operate in easy steps:

  • Emit Laser Beams: First, the scanner actively sends out laser beams toward a chosen target
  • Capture Reflection: The laser beams hit the target and then reflect to the device
  • Time Tracking: The device quickly measures the time these beams took to return
  • Calculating Distance: Using this time and the constant speed of light, the scanner determines the distance to the target
  • Form Point Cloud: From several such laser reflections, the scanner forms a dense point cloud

Once the point cloud is formed, the data is processed using specialized software. The point cloud helps to craft a detailed 3D model of the surveyed area.


Top Handheld LiDAR Scanner Options of 2023

Handheld LiDAR scanning technology continues to evolve. It offers advanced options tailored for precision, flexibility, and user convenience. Here are some sought-after handheld LiDAR scanner models that are making waves in 2023:

LiGrip H120 Handheld LiDAR Scanner

The LiGrip H120 emerges as a front-runner among the best scanners of 2023. It's engineered by GreenValley International. The handheld LiDAR scanner features a sleek, compact design.

Lightweight at 1.74kg, it ensures easy handheld operation. The scanner offers versatile installation.

Combining both LiDAR and SLAM algorithms, it's ideal for integrated indoor multi-scene measurements. The device also efficiently captures true color data across various scenes. Its performance and software features include:

  • Boasts a broad scanning range of up to 120m
  • Impressive scan rate of 320,000 pts/s
  • Enhanced with a wide FOV° of 280°×360°
  • Works with LiFuser point cloud processing software for efficient post-processing

Additionally, the size of this handheld scanner's main body is L204mm×W130mm×H385mm. The battery box also measures L134mm×W64.6mm×H167mm.


LiGrip H300 Handheld LiDAR Scanner

When exploring scanner options, the LiGrip H300 stands out among different types of scanners. It weighs a mere 1.67kg, including its tripod and camera. As a result, you can enjoy a lightweight, user-friendly experience.

In terms of performance, it features an expansive scanning range of up to 300m. This handheld LiDAR scanner delivers a rapid scan rate of 640,000 pts/s. It also encompasses a broad FOV° of 280°×360°.

For high-precision results, the device uses advanced mapping methods like SLAM, PPK-SLAM, and RTK-SLAM. The scanner seamlessly integrates with GreenValley's LiDAR 360 and LiDAR 360MLS software. With the LiGrip H300, you can get both versatility and precision.


GS-100G Handheld LiDAR Scanner

GS-100G offers a fusion of design, performance, and tech specifications. It has a lightweight design at 1.7kg and compact measurements of 15.39.339.4cm.

These features allow for adaptable usage as you can hold it in your hands. This scanner offers point cloud accuracy without needing control points. It also uses a 4.2V 3400mAh battery, ensuring longer operational durations.

The scanner covers an impressive 80m detection range, extendable to a max of 120m. With a range accuracy of ±1.5cm, it offers 16 channels. It also features a points rate of up to 640,000 points/sec in dual-echo mode.

For precise position accuracy, the scanner uses the advanced gSpin 210 model. It also features updates at a frequency of 200Hz. Additionally, the scanner has a 3*5 MP resolution with a wide horizontal FOV of 270°


ZEB Go Handheld LiDAR Scanner

For those looking for the best scanner options, the ZEB Go is ideal. Lightweight and compact, the ZEB Go promotes unrestricted movement. Its rotating LiDAR sensor ensures a broad field of view, capturing quality images.

The device is suitable for indoor, outdoor, and even underground scans. Designed for rugged use, it also boasts an IP 64 protection class. With nearly 43,000 scanner points per second, ZEB Go ensures rapid scanning of both straightforward and intricate environments.

This handheld scanner offers relative accuracy of 1-3cm depending on the setting. As a result, it guarantees detailed and precise scans.

Since it's equipped with powerful GeoSLAM Beam technology, the scanner can thrive in areas with limited GPS. These include indoor, underground, or dense outdoor spaces.


Lixel X1 Handheld SLAM Scanner

The Lixel X1 boasts a seamless integration of LiDAR. It also features a visible-light camera, motion camera, and high-precision inertial navigation. This complex structure also provides outstanding heat dissipation.

Enhancing its position among portable scanners, the Lixel X1 isn't just handheld. You can attach it to a backpack, vehicle, or UAV. This depends on your varied work settings.

The device leverages real-time data decoding, producing point cloud data in just 5 seconds post-scan. You can access the instant data preview available in the LixelGo software. With this scanner, you can enjoy up to 60 minutes of uninterrupted scanning.


Enjoy the Future of 3D Scanning Technology

Handheld LiDAR scanners are revolutionizing the way you capture the world. The line-up of the best scanners only promises more advancements, superior accuracy, and greater convenience.

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