In 2015, 3D scanning was used to reveal an ancient city located in Cambodia that had been previously hidden. Revealing a part of history that otherwise might have been forever lost.

3D scanning has proven itself to be a very useful piece of technology that can be used in many ways. In fact, the options that you have are almost endless with this kind of scanning.

You can use these scanners whether you are a historian, artist, etc. There are all kinds of ways that 3D scanners can prove to be useful in day-to-day life.

Keep reading to find out some different ways that you can use a handheld 3d scanner.


What Is a Handheld 3D Scanner?

A 3D scanner is a piece of technology that allows you to scan real-world objects. You can scan items, living beings, or the environment around you.

Data is then collected, and can create digital constructs with that data. These constructs are usually 3D models of the thing that you scanned.

It is also important to note that not every 3D scanner is going to be made the same. Some have different abilities than others or may be more advanced.

The benefits of a handheld 3D scanner are that it is convenient and accessible. Anyone can buy one of these scanners, even though you may not be able to buy a larger scanner.

Handheld scanners can also make scanning items easier as they are smaller and easier to navigate.


1. Product Design

One useful way to use a handheld 3D scanner is in product design. This is something that business owners could take advantage of to help in the brainstorming process.

3D scanning allows you to create a model of the product so that you can better understand how it looks. You can get a feel for the product and whether it is right.

The process of product designing can be long and costly, making a 3D scanner very convenient. This is a shortcut that allows you to create a model in real life.

A handheld scanner can save you time and money by creating these product models. Then, you can continue testing out designs until you find the right fit for your business.

All while avoiding having to pay to have different products created to test out.


2. Body Scanning

Handheld scanners are frequently used in real life to scan people. These 3D scanners are safe to use on humans, allowing you to scan a real person.

When you scan a person, you can create a 3D image of them or a model. These options are often used for business, fitness analysis, or artistic reasons.

Scanning someone gives you all the real-life details that you are looking for. There are also many ways that you can use body scans for artistic or practical purposes.

Fitness instructors may use these types of body scans for their clients. These can be useful in identifying body parts and what workouts they could benefit from.

Artists may also use this to better examine their model. With body scans, you don't have to have the model right in front of you as you are working.

People that offer body scanning can cut down on their work while looking more professional. Because of this, many types of businesses could utilize body scanning.


3. Crime Scene Reconstruction

Crime scenes are always documented to preserve the scene for later examination. The use of a 3D scanner can significantly speed up this process and do it more accurately.

Crime scene reconstruction is often done with photography and other kinds of software. But now, it can be easily done with 3D scanners to create a more realistic reconstruction.

The crime scene can be scanned so that everything is better preserved for later. This way, anyone can later go back to examine the scene down to the very last detail.

Unlike photos, 3D scanners will show everything in a very life-like way. Because of this, reconstructing a crime scene can be much more accurate than before.

Scanning is important to document the crime scene and save the evidence for later. These reconstructions are often used in court when the case is presented.


4. History Documentation

A 3D scanner can be used for historical documentation. This is something that is becoming more frequently used to better preserved and examine delicate items.

Historians are now able to examine relics and historical pieces without damaging the item. You can scan these historical items so that a real-life model is then created.

Because of this option, people are able to handle and examine artifacts without risking damage. They can examine these items without ever touching the original.

For historical items that are very delicate, this is a game changer. Scanners have been used for this purpose for a while due to how effective they are at recreating models.

Scanners can even be used to scan items that are not entirely recovered just yet. Some scanners are able to scan objects that are still buried or encased in something.

You can use 3D scanning to recreate pieces of poetry, documents, bones, etc. The uses for historical documentation are endless.


5. Quality Inspections

3D scanners are starting to be used to perform quality inspections for businesses. Many products that go out must be closely checked for quality and durability.

These inspections are time-consuming and tedious, requiring a lot of work to perform. A handheld scanner can help with this by creating a 3D image of the item.

The image can be examined to ensure that it is defect free and of high quality. Doing this can often be a more effective option than looking at the physical item.

A 3D scanner can also pick up small things that the naked eye might not be able to. These are things that can make a huge impact depending on the item that you are inspecting.


6. Create CGI and Visual Effects

CGI and visual effects are something that is often used in movie and game making. These are effects that can be time-consuming and costly to create.

Modern technology has mastered these effects, creating the most realistic movies and games we have ever seen. But this is still quite difficult to do.

Because of this, it is very obvious when a company doesn't have the resources for good effects. Though high-quality CGI and visual effects are now more accessible.

You can create these kinds of things with a handheld 3D scanner for an easier process. Not only is this easier, but it is also cheaper overall as it requires fewer resources.

Scanning allows people to create these effects without having to start from scratch. This simplifies the process and allows CGI and visual effects to be highly realistic.

Scanners also allow anyone to create these effects right in their home. Allowing special effects to be more accessible to anyone interested in creating visual effects.


7. Custom Products

If you are in the business of making custom products for people, a 3D scanner may come in handy. A scanner can be used to create 3D models that are custom-made.

Creating custom-made products can be difficult and expensive to do. The use of a 3D scanner has made this more accessible to people, however.

A scanner can be used for dental patients who need custom dental products. A scan can be taken of their mouth to create a 3D replica to base the product on.

You can use this to create mouthguards, artificial teeth, etc. There are many other instances where custom products can be made with a 3D scanner as well.

Anyone who needs to create a custom item can use a 3D scanner to do this. It will create a real-life model of the item with the specific dimensions, details, and other factors.


Things You Can Do With a Handheld 3D Scanner

If you are interested in getting a handheld 3D scanner, the things you can do with it are endless. These are very useful scanners that can benefit many people.

Whether you are an artist, CGI creator, historian, or business owner, this could be useful for you. 3D scanners can be used to scan just about anything to create models, images, and products.

Handheld scanners are more accessible than ever, allowing just about anyone to buy one. Now you have options, when it comes to scanning things to create real-life models.

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