Are you looking for a more accessible way to 3D scan the objects you want to capture the dimensions of? Have you ever wondered how you could scan larger, more stationary objects? If so, then you need to consider a handheld 3D scanner for your company.

Doing so can help you capture each item down to the very last detail, as well as streamline the time it takes to scan and process any item you want to scan.

See below for an in-depth guide highlighting the many benefits of a handheld 3D scanner for yourself or your company to use whenever you need it!


1. Mobility of the Scanner

A 3D scanner is a phenomenal tool to have for your personal or professional uses. It can help you with prototyping your next breakthrough product, scan any item into a digital template that you can customize, and then print those items with your alterations in it.

Now imagine having all of those benefits in the palm of your hand! Impossible, right? Not with a handheld 3D scanner! A handheld version allows you the portability you so desperately need in your current business model.

Maybe you're a car manufacturing plant that needs to 3D scan the seat of your vehicle's car to make a few prototypes on how to perfect its shape. Perhaps you're working on building a mechanical device and need to design an innovative part to improve its functionality.

Whatever your reasoning, the mobility of the scanner makes the entire process easier. It can help you capture those tough-to-reach areas that a stationary 3D scanner cannot. 

Better yet, you can take the handheld 3D scanner wherever you go! Depending on which one you purchase, it can fit inside a travel suitcase, a briefcase, a backpack, and so much more! Once you reach the site where you need to use it, the scanner only takes a few minutes to set up.


2. Efficient Scanning

What if we told you that a handheld 3D scanner saved time and money? Well, it's true! A handheld 3D scanner is a perfect solution to boosting your company's productivity and efficiency.

Better yet, a handheld 3D scanner can help you and your team get the product right the very first go-around. This can help you save tremendously over materials, labor, prototypes, and so on.

Simply scan the item that you wish, then digitize that item into software where you can make adjustments quickly. Because the handheld scanner is mobile, it allows you to capture the dimension correctly without having to do it a second, third, or even fourth time through.

There won't be any second-guessing by you or your team. It can ensure a perfect fit every single time. 

A handheld 3D scanner's accuracy and efficiency also have a direct impact on your company's budget and cash flow. Since you'll be reducing the number of alterations, there will be higher margins for your company post-production. 

Without alterations needing to be made in production or creation, there will never be a need for alterations to your company's financial plan!


3. Reduced Processing Time

For those of you that have used a 3D scanner before, you know how important processing time is to the equation. The longer it takes the process, the longer your project is put on hold.

Believe it or not, a handheld 3D scanner can help expedite the processing time. It uses lasers and balanced light to accurately measure the depth, width, height, and shape of the item that you're scanning. This breeds quicker results and gives you an accurate rendition of your item to your software in only a few minutes.

Many companies prefer to use stationary 3D scanners and handheld 3D scanners as a one-two punch. They use the handheld scanner to capture those tough-to-reach areas of the item, such as the hood of a car, the inside of a machine, and so forth.


4. Easy to Use

The use of a 3D scanner has never been easier. Simply tell the system that you want to start scanning (most have a trigger to hold down as you can), and then start scanning the entire item.

The lasers of the scanner are visible to the human eye, making it easy to comprehend how much of the item you're scanning at a certain distance. This will lead to more accurate scanning and limit the potential of missing any area of the item you're analyzing.

Even if you've never used one before, you'll get it down in only a few minutes. Simply try to maintain the same distance from the item as you can and you'll have the perfect rendition in minutes.


5. Improved Manufacturing

Perhaps you've noticed that your manufacturing line is looking a bit worse for the wear. When was the last time you analyzed it?

Having a handheld 3D scanner allows you to understand what parts of your manufacturing methods need an update. You and your engineers can use this information to make the necessary changes.

The results? A fully streamlined manufacturing line. This means less energy used, more output, and (more importantly) higher margins for your company.


Invest in a Handheld 3D Scanner for Your Company

Now that you have seen several advantages of investing in and using a handheld 3D scanner, it's time for you to grab one for your needs.

Be sure to read this article for more information on how 3D scanners are used within the art community. They aren't just for manufacturing companies, people!

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.