Karl Marx is a great German thinker, political scientist, and philosopher known to all. Our impressions of him are more of a frozen oil painting on books about politics and economics. In Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Marx’s hometown, teachers and students of Communication and Design from Trier University of Applied Sciences apply 3D digitizing and AR technology to exhibit Marx through a novel and a new interesting format.

Marx in everyone’s mind

Why to undergo such a project? There is a 6-meter-tall statue of Marx in Trier, but not everyone likes the design of this statue. Therefore, teachers and students majoring in design decided to let everyone create Marx in their own mind by designing their own statues. This reflects Marx’s respect for diversified culture and the far-reaching influence of his thoughts.


Let’s take a look at how this project was realized.

They use any material from plasticine, wood, stone, paper, or even matches, as long as it meets the maximum height of 14cm. It is all about creativity and imagination.

Teachers and students use Fixed scan with turntable mode of EinScan-SE desktop scanner to quickly scan the creators’ sculptures, obtain high-quality, textured 3D models, and upload them to “ DEIN MARX FÜR ALLE” “program.

The project team developed an AR app called “DEIN MARX FÜR ALLE”. Download the app to a mobile phone or other mobile devices, and walk to the statue, the real Marx statue will be exchanged with your creation. You can observe your work on the pedestal from all directions and share your “masterwork” on social media.

Through 3D scanning and AR technology, Marx’s image has become colorful under different creations. Both adults and children can easily become sculpture artists. This novel interaction mode also enables kids to know and learn from this great man through a hands-on practice.

Thanks to the creative team for bringing this work