Do you love being on the cutting edge? Continual advancements in 3D printing technology require the use of incredibly detailed 3D scanners. But those can be clunky and expensive - but are they really? 

In this modern age, new products are constantly being released. Fairly new on the scene are handheld 3D scanners. These portable devices have a variety of uses that might surprise you! 

The common uses for engineering and 3D printing are well known. But how about some of the features you haven't thought of as much? 

Keep reading to learn all about the features of a handheld 3D scanner that can find themselves useful for a variety of projects. Then, pick out your own new scanner at Go3DPro! 


1. Working With Moving Objects for Veterinary Applications 

An exciting new ability of 3D scanners, in general, is their ability to work with moving objects. Now, that same capability has been brought to handheld scanners. When working with animals or other moving things these scanners can now result in accurate scans despite movement. Vets no longer need to worry about their squirming patients as much! 


2. Near-Instant Results for Live Events 

When it comes to working with celebrities or live events there can be a lot of time constraints. People need to be back on the field or finished in minutes. When you only have time for one scan, an extremely good 3D scanner must be used, and when it's being taken on-site it's far better to have a handheld 3D scanner. 

Luckily, with the advances in handheld 3D scanners, detailed scans can be done within as little as 2 minutes. 


3. Less Sensitive to Ambient Light for Work In The Field 

When using a handheld scanner with an LED light source, such as the EinScan HX, problems frequently encountered in scanning are lessened. Now in situations where light might be low such as out in the field you don't have to worry about limitations being lessened. Additionally, with these LED lights performance is improved on other surfaces, such as those that are reflective or dark-colored. 


4. Extremely High Accuracy For Engineering 

Of course, the main use for handheld 3D scanners is for professional use. When it comes to handheld scanners they can now be incredibly accurate and reliable. Newer models can get an accuracy of up to .04 mm when using laser scans. 


5. Portability Revolutionizes Work In The Field

It practically goes without saying that portability is one of the main selling points of a handheld 3D scanner. But it still needs to be mentioned how useful these devices can be to people like archaeologists.

Now, no longer do items have to be sent back to the lab to be examined, which could take weeks. Quick scans can now be sent for analysis, as well as providing details for the on-the-ground staff. Creating 3D models can more accurately measure the depth of carvings and predict age and weathering. 


6. Newbie Friendly Designs Open The World to Hobbyists 

Another nice thing about newer scanners is that they are often less complex to manage. As the prices of scanners become more affordable more and more people are looking into purchasing them for small businesses or even for fun. 

By making the scanners easy to operate for beginners, entirely new applications are being uncovered. Now, people at home can examine scans to look at the information they wouldn't otherwise have access to, and to give their input on designs. 


7. Full-Color for Fashion 

Many of these scanners now have full-color capabilities. This allows for more precise and more capable software to be implemented. One thing that many people struggle with is finding nothing that fits. 

With the full-color capabilities, customers will be able to see exactly what the designs of clothing will look like on their bodies. They can then adjust their order for their own exact measurements. Technical limitations are becoming a thing of the past in fashion, and new creative designs are popping up everywhere. 


8. Unique Approaches Made Possible for VR

While not your typical handheld 3D scanner, because of the weight and size reductions that have been made in these portable devices there are new applications and adaptions. These scanners have revolutionized the VR industry. Now high-precision 3D models can be made of real-life objects just hanging around the studio. 

With a simple scan, these real-world objects can be implemented accurately in game form. Or, you can even implement real-life people after scanning them - the possibilities are endless. 


9. Live Imaging in the Medical Industry 

Speed and precision are incredibly valued in the medical field. With live imaging capabilities, doctors and researchers will be able to make more accurate scans for patients right in the room. Complete body scans can monitor changes in the body and result in custom solutions for the patient. 


10. Working in Close Quarters with Industrial Design

Sometimes when you are working on systems with many parts it can be difficult to get a clear image of what needs to be changed or implemented. With the size reduction of these scanners, your workflow can be accelerated and costs reduced.

While capturing an entire plane or truck may require a stationary scanner, for most needs a portable scanner is enough. Get rid of those old outdated manuals and reduce the need to slow manual measurement taking with a handheld scanner. 


Where Can I Get Handheld 3D Scanners? 

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