Shining3D AutoScan-DS-EX Pro Dental 3D Scanner with Blue Light Source

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SHINING 3D’s newest addition to our dental 3D scanners lineup, the AutoScan-DS-EX Pro, features a compact size, lightweight a number of versatile functions, and outstanding scan speed, to meet our customers’ demands for numerous scan. It is highly suitable for data capturing in restorations, orthodontics and implant cases. It comes integrated with two projector options – blue light and white light. The scanner meets customers’ different expectations for various applications. Thanks to the combination of superior scanning speed and high accuracy, the AutoScan-DS-EX Pro is destined to bring the global digital dental industry to yet a much higher level.

High Efficiency:

Bite: 8s, upper/lower jaw: 15s, 1-8 dies: 15s, impression: 70s

Compact Size

AutoScan-DS-EX Pro with its compact size is a portable scanner. Its open structure guarantees easy and convenient maintenance and model placement

Open System

Export STL data, high compatibility with current open CAD/CAM software in the market.

Full-Function 3D Scanner

Dental impressions, gypsum models, wax-ups, articulators, dies and textures for dental cases.

Blue Light Source


Package Include:

  • AutoScan-DS-EX Pro Scanner
  • Scanning Software

Environment Requirements

  • Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or i7
  • Memory: 8Gb of Ram minimum
  • Graphics Card:  Nvidia based graphics 
  • Video Memory:  Dedicated 2Gb of memory minimum
More Information
Scan Mode Auto Scan
File Format OBJ, STL
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