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3d scanners

EinScan HX - Hybrid Blue Laser & LED Light Source Handheld 3D Scanner

LED light scanning allows apid 3D scanning. Laser scanning, which is less sensitive to ambient light, gives better performance to reflective and dark color surface.

Hybrid Blue Laser & LED Light Source Technology
Suitable for any working environment
Effective on dark and reflective surfaces
Accuracy: up to 0.04mm in Laser Scan; up to 0.05mm in Rapid Scan. Scan speed: 480,000 points/s in Laser Scan. 1,200,000 points/s in Rapid Scan.
3D scanning in color and in high resolution (Built-in color camera)

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einscan hx
freescan combo

FreeScan Combo - Metrology-grade Hybrid Light Source Handheld 3D Laser Scanner

Being a lightweight and portable metrology scanner, it is equipped with four working modes: multiple lines scanning, single line scanning, fine scanning, infrared scanning.

4 Scanning Modes: 26 laser lines for global scanning; 7 parallel blue laser lines for fine scanning details; 1 single blue laser line to obtain deep hole data; Infrared light source scanning fast and without markers;
Blue laser + Infrared VCSEL - An innovative combination of blue laser and infrared light sources meets the needs of diverse industrial 3D scanning scenarios.
Accuracy: up to 0.02mm in Laser Scan. Scan speed: 1,860,000 points/s in Laser Scan. 2,250,000 points/s in Infrared Scan.
Wide range of material adaptations: Supports scanning of black and high-reflective surfaces, more efficient scanning process.

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EinScan Pro HD - Improves the Efficiency of High-quality 3D Modeling

Exceptional versatility and powerful optimizations come together for the ultimate high-efficiency and professional-grade 3D scanning experience.

Multifunction portable 3D scanner with 4 scanning modes
3D scanning in very high definition even in color
More effective on dark or reflective surfaces
Even faster and more efficient
Integrated HD Prime Pack
3D scanning in color and in high resolution (Color Pack HD is required)

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einscan pro hd
3D Scan to Print R&D Professional Bundles

3D Scan-to-Print R&D Professional Bundles

Get All the Essentials for Your Business at a Bundle Price.

This is the complete R&D 3D Scan to Print professional bundle
array of bundles designed to suit engineers, educators, and enthusiasts alike

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EinScan-SP V2

The expert’s choice for enhanced experience. Meets professional reverse engineering and design requirements.

Precise calibration in a simple way, achieving high accuracy of better than 0.05 mm
Faster scanning speeds
Multiple alignment modes
Enables high-resolution 3D modeling even for professional users

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3d scanner and 3d printer

EinScan-SE V2

A powerful companion for educators and individuals

Easiest 3D scanning experience for non-technical users, accuracy up to 0.1mm
Dual scan modes: Auto Scan and Fixed Scan
Easy to operate and great price-to-performance ratio

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3D Digitizing Solution

Professional solutions covering “3D Digitizing – Intelligent Design – Additive Manufacturing” for industries including industrial manufacturing, healthcare & life sciences, product customization, and education.

The Evolution of Industrial-Grade 3D Scanning

The hybrid laser and LED light sources make EinScan HX compatible with a wider range of object sizes, meeting multiple needs of users. High efficiency and reliable result give EinScan HX more application possibilities.

Achieve Metrology-grade Precision Inspection & Reverse Design

The FreeScan Combo, has dual light sources: blue laser and infrared VCSEL. Being a lightweight and portable metrology scanner, it is equipped with four working modes: multiple lines scanning, single line scanning, fine scanning, infrared scanning.

Our Clients

Go3DPro now has a list of 150+ clients. Here are only a few of the universities & companies that have placed their trust in us that we are very proud of counting among our clients.

Our Cases - User Stories & Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering & Manufacturing

Sculpture Design: Bringing Prehistoric Beasts to the 21st Century With a Fusion of Art and Science
From a very young age Konstantinos Fais had two passions: Art and History. Born and grown up in the city of Ioannina in northern Greece, he started…
Designed to Shine: Custom Crates and Display with EinScan Pro HD
using the EinScan Pro HD multi-functional 3D scanner to create custom display and crating solutions.
Designing a Custom Motorcycle with EinScan Pro 2X Plus
Art, culture and the craft of metal – Bryan Fuller´s automotive and motorcycle design and customization shop “Fuller Moto” inspires, educates…
3D Inspection for Large and Complex Aluminum Mold with EinScan HX
In recent years, with the rapid development of the automobile industry, electronic information, home appliances, building materials and machinery…